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There comes a time in the life of every golfer when they think: “I can’t be this bad, I’ve been playing for 10 years”. I reached that point a few years ago, but never did anything about it. Instead, I took the head-in-sand-Ostrich approach:

So, something had to be done. Something drastic. Something revolutionary. Enter…


Golfbattles, this blog, will be the online diary of golfers trying to improve their game. By taking videos when they play, by scanning in their scorecards, by writing down their swing-related thoughts they will aim to build a knowledge bank of their golfing talents. By focusing on what they are doing well and eliminating their Ostrich shots; by recording their efforts and examining in detail their swings…they aim to turn themselves into: golfing robots, mechanical monkies. And that means an identical swing every time they need it.

The first two monkey wannabees to step up to the tee are myself Leon and some bloke I once met called Dan. Dave joined us for a round the other day, too.

(OK, so when I say “golfers” I mean “me”)



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