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Back at the range – still can’t follow through May 10, 2006

Posted by golfbattles in Range sessions.

Well, went back to the range yesterday with the intential of sorting out the follow through.

Not matter how much I tried, I just couldn't get it to look how I think it should. See for yourselves:

With a wedge

With a 3 Wood

As you can see, the swing is pretty much identical to the one from the last range session. So what's missing?

  • Standing up slightly at impact I think is OK 
  • But, I need to cross the wrists after impact

Check out Tiger in action. See how he crosses the wrist just after impact? Next range session, that will be my goal. (Also look at the amazing body rotation and coil he gets…)



1. Dan - May 10, 2006

I noticed that it looks as though your backswing is pretty steep in comparison to Tigers and so the club comes more over the top of your head, this could result in the lack of crossing the hands over and hence the path of your front swing…..in comparision to tiger who seems to go alot more round the body.

2. Tom - July 11, 2006

Move those hips! You look like you’ve got a putter wedged up there somewhere

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