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A visit to the range May 6, 2006

Posted by golfbattles in Range sessions.

On Saturday I visited the range (http://www.ingreen.com/english/) with my trusty assistant Pilar. I lured her into going with a promise of a trip to the beach, but I'm sure she enjoyed the golf more.

Her task: film my swing
My task: swing

Now, what have I learned from this visit?

  • The backswing (the first 2 frames below) seems fine. I want rotation around the spine, whilst keeping the spine straight. In the first two frames below, I seem to achieve that
  • On the way back down (frame 3) I still seem OK. I'm looking at the ball, spine is straight
  • Moment of impact Frame 4: woooooooo! Suddenly my spine is bent a bit, and I've stood up slightly.
  • I end up bringing the club up and not finishing my rotation.

So….I need to work on maintaing the rotation through impact and after impact.

Next range session is scheduled for Tuesday – I'll keep you posted….

Swing sequence



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